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Final Fantasy XII - Artwork by Akihiko Yoshida

SkyPirDen - Crystal

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Fanmade SMT figures and trinkets!

Of course, these aren’t available for sale unless you happened to attend a past Wonder Festival, a Japanese hobby con, where these pictures originate. 4000 Macca for that Demiurge was a frickin’ steal, to say nothing of the rest.


From today, Atlus has a new logo

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So nobody ever really got back to me on whether this Famitsu stuff for Persona 5 was ever properly translated when it was first published, so I just said screw it and did it myself since I enjoy doing magazine scanlations. Much like my work on Dengeki’s coverage for Persona 4: Dancing All Night, this could have just as easily come as a raw text dump, but I love graphic design in Japanese magazines, so I thought I’d just go that extra step and Photoshop my translation back on to the original pages the best of my ability. You’ll see some places where I had to fudge it compared to the original since I obviously don’t have access to the original article files, but hopefully none of my cover ups are too obvious. I’m also nowhere near a proper graphic designer, so I can only hope my font choices and whatnot aren’t particularly horrendous. I’m a writer and translator first and a visual artist basically not at all.

That last page is what really matters, as it contains a short, but surprisingly illuminating interview by Famitsu standards on Hashino and Persona Team’s thematic framework and whatnot in creating Persona 5. You won’t get any specific details about the whos and whats of the game’s plot or gameplay systems yet, but you will get a better idea of just what the chairs, the chains, and the red are all supposed to mean.

Naturally, to see the full size image, left click it in this post to expand it and then right click it to open it in another window. Just for the record.



(EDIT: Huge amount of egg on my face right now, but as kindly user setsugekka2 has pointed out to me, this interview was originally published in the official Persona magazine and not in Famitsu, as I originally wrote. Famitsu uses a very similar system for providing basic game info in a concise box like what you see on the first page and wrongly assumed it was their work. Man, no wonder Hashino actually has substantial things to say. My deepest apologies!)